Many students, having completed their high school education at Morning Star, have gone on to various tertiary institutions in Mauritius and abroad to pursue their personal career choices. Please click here for a complete list of all these Universities

School leavers have chosen different career paths in Law, Accounting, Business Studies, Nursing, Teaching, Aviation and a degree in Social Work to name a few.

ACCA – Charles Telfair Institute

One particular school-leaver, who went on to study accounting with the association of Chartered Certified Accountants, has achieved some of the best results at national level in Mauritius.

LLB – University of London

Several students are presently enrolled in a Bachelor of Law Degree through the University of London under various Law Tutors in Mauritius.

Forensic Science – University of Mauritius

The University of Mauritius opened its doors to one of Morning Star’s ‘A-grade’ school-leavers to study a very specialised and demanding degree in Forensic Science

Podiatry – National Institute of Podiatry (Paris, France)

After completing the ICCE Advanced Certificate, a student was accepted into the NIP in Paris. The entry exam was written by 580 applicants and the student secured a seat by coming 56th

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