a groundbreaking curriculum
known as ACE

or more formally as Accelerated Christian Education


All graduates receive a comprehensive Record of Achievement which contains a performance history of the students entire school career

Core subjects: English, Maths, Literature, Science (Biology, Physical Science), Social Studies (History, Geography), Word Building and Etymology, Information Technology (IT), Biblical Survey, French.

General, Intermediate or Advanced High School Certificates comprise a selection of additional elective subjects: General Business, Business or College Math, Accounting, Economics, Health, Nutrition Science, Physics, Speech, Advanced Art, Music, Auto Mechanics among others.

Personalised Curriculum

Morning Star School uses a groundbreaking curriculum known as Accelerated Christian Education, or more informally, ACE. Students at Morning Star are registered with the International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE) which is the UK-based certification board serving ACE schools worldwide.

The ACE curriculum is regularly revised and updated by the ICCE and other governing bodies around the world.

A recent benchmarking study by UK – NARIC has confirmed that the International Certificate of Christian Education, General and Advanced certificates, are considered comparable to the overall Cambridge International ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level standards respectively.

At Morning Star School we use the ACE curriculum to prepare our students for the Cambridge O-Level examinations. Since 2014 we have achieved a 100% pass rate in the annual SC exams.

Benefits of the ACE Learning System

Accelerated Christian Education
Individually Paced

  • Students work at their own pace and personal level of learning. The curriculum allows for individual learning speed enabling students to work towards a personal level of achievement.
  • Students do not need to wait for others to grasp a concept in order to proceed.
  • Sufficient time is allowed for a student to work through concepts he may have difficulty understanding.
  • There is no discrimination between different learning abilities, which inspires the student to achieve his personal learning potential.
Personal Attention

  • Each Learning Centre, which is made up of no more than 18 students, has 2 members of staff; a supervisor and a monitor.
  • Teacher : learner ratio of 1 : 9, so every child receives the individual attention they require.
  • Each child is able to obtain their personal best through the individualised guidance and instruction offered by the members of staff.
Goal Setting

  • Every morning daily goals are set by the student himself. These goals are to be completed by the end of the day.
  • Work is marked at each stage by the student before continuing.
  • Each successful step is rewarded.
  • Goal setting instills self-confidence and teaches responsibility and accountability for work.
  • Establishes a life-long appreciation for goal setting and achievement.
Mastery Learning

  • Students become autonomous in their studies.
  • Constant assessment in each module ensures excellent comprehension of all subjects.
  • A student can only progress to the next module once the current module has been mastered.
  • Reinforces honest achievement that results in successful progress.


Many students, having completed their high school education at Morning Star, have gone on to various tertiary institutions in Mauritius and abroad to pursue their personal career choices. Please click here for a complete list of all these Universities.

School leavers have chosen different career paths in Law, Accounting, Business Studies, Nursing, Teaching, Aviation and a degree in Social Work to name a few.
  • Podiatry
    After completing the ICCE Advanced Certificate, a student was accepted into the NIP in Paris. The entry exam was written by 580 applicants and the student secured a seat by coming 56th
    National Institute of Podiatry (Paris, France)
  • Forensic Science
    The University of Mauritius opened its doors to one of Morning Star’s ‘A-grade’ school-leavers to study a very specialised and demanding degree in Forensic Science
    Forensic Science
    University of Mauritius
  • CorinLLB
    Several students are presently enrolled in a Bachelor of Law Degree through the University of London under various Law Tutors in Mauritius.
    University of London Mora
  • ACCA
    One particular school-leaver, who went on to study accounting with the association of Chartered Certified Accountants, has achieved some of the best results at national level in Mauritius.
    Charles Telfair Institute